S E A t h e S T A R S

Horoscopes for Surfers & the like.

a publication posted on the first of each month

* * * * * F E B R U A R Y * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Aquarius * Those thoughts of how to be more environmentally conscious are all in your radar this year,  Aquarius.  Now’s the time to start planning your garden, commuting via bicycle, and completely cutting out single use plastics. 

Sustainable Board of Choice:  Any board that is either used, upcycled, or for trade. Your local surf shop, craigslist, and other places to buy used boards make it a fun challenge to find something that is already in existence.  Purchasing second hand prevents non biodegradable materials from accumulating on our planet.

Pisces * You may feel a little too salty this month, with the recent full moon in Leo stirring things up.  Stay true to the positive intentions you’ve set for yourself and don’t try to talk yourself out of them, I promise you’ll feel better in no time. 

Board to sweeten that salty:  Uncle Don’s 9’4 Model T

Aries * You could use the term interspace to refer to the place between space & time, life & death, tubes & the nasal passage, dreaming & being awake,  If you could come up with a better, more descriptive word, what would it be? Let the word you choose be the essence of your existence this month.

Board for those in betweens:  Tyler Warren’s 9’9 Future Log

Taurus * You haven’t been able to put your foot down and make a solid decision in quite some time, the next few weeks might be a little slippery for you. Make more of an effort to choose which direction to go in and create some traction in your life during the coming months.

Something to prevent the slipping:  Watch this well done DIY wax making video

Gemini * There was a moment in time where I would write a haiku a day about surfing/the ocean/the environment. Here is one for you this month, Gemini. Let these words inspire you to be more creative with all those imaginative thoughts you have.

I slide into you crystal clear warm wet freedom grab rail exhale love 

Board to get those creative juices flowing: Gato Heroi’s 8’10 Acid

Cancer * A wise elder shaper once told me that they see the foamy white wash as the champagne of the ocean.  Get into it and make a toast to yourself for all the hard work you put in this past year.

Board for the Bubbly:  Tom Wegener’s Surfie 

Leo * It would be very wise of you to admit to things you may not know. You will open a channel of deep honesty within yourself and others around you.

Best Board for the Channeling:  Mandala’s The Oracle

Virgo * With that love holiday coming up in the second week of this month you may feel the need to get down on that tibia for the special someone in your life. The stars are all for it, love is all you need, Virgo, love is all you need.

Best Board to Drop Knee:   Bing’s 10’ Lovebird

Libra * Ever wonder what it would be like to cut the tail off of that old longboard you've been holding onto forever? Hmmm, what to do during the next flat spell… I think I see a homemade mid length in your future, Libra.

Best place for all things shaping:  Green Light Surf Supplies

Scorpio * With water being your natural element you tend to paddle back and forth between your imaginations and your many realities. Try something more steady this month.

Surf craft to try if you haven’t already:    Your very own body & DaFin Bodysurfing Fins 

Sagittarius * Mark your calendar, the vernal equinox is only 40 some days away and when you get back from your much needed surfcation, Spring will be even closer.

Almost Spring Fling used board find:   Furrow’s 8’6 Labryinth

Capricorn * Don’t be afraid to ask for help this month, strong horned Capricorn. Even though you think it’s quite comical and are maybe a bit embarrassed to be in over your head, an unforeseen someone will come straight out of the line up for you. 

Best Board for in Over”your”head conditions:  Lost’s Voodoo Child

* * * * * J A N U A R Y * * * * *

********* 2019 **********

Capricorn * Happy Birthday you kook. Yeah yeah, I don’t like using that word either but this month and guess what, this entire year too, you’ll be kookin your days wild and having a lot of darn fun at it. Just make sure to check yourself and reflect this month after each kooktastrophy.

What to bring back to the line up? That once waterlogged Yater Spoon your super rad mom used to cruise on in the 60’s.

Aquarius * Don’t think you get off easy, I know you snickered at Capricorn’s starage but you’re also in for a treat. Early 2019 will be an interesting time for you. You may think you know all there is about the water since you’re a natural fish but don’t forget that it’s much more powerful and knowing. Every bit of life needs it to survive.

What to say goodbye to in your quiver? That quad fish you love but haven’t used in who knows how long. Pass it off to a grommy who’s life will change forever from that micro wave of kindness.

Pisces * Sensitive, Sweet Loving Pisces. Step it up a notch this month and make sure to smile and talk story with everyone in the water and perhaps on land too. Those interactions will be much needed more than every person involved will know.

Board of Choice this month and possibly a lifetime: Troy Elmore’s Single fin egg

Aries * Still trying to figure out what direction to go in? Whether in the water or on land you still ask yourself that question. Well y’know how when you always go the same direction in the water it’s comfortable and easy. Switch it up this month and work on that backside. Get uncomfortable for once. You can thank me in February.

Best board for your backside: 8’0 Mini Rod Laguna

Taurus * Thank you for being so laid back. Put that calm, peaceful energy in full gear this month. With all the overwhelming but very exciting news coming your way you’ll want to keep that pace strong. Make sure to get in the water as much as possible to help you cope with it all.

Smooth & Steady: 9’10 Tudor Santana

Gemini * Focus. You’ve got this.

Board to sell: Unfortunately, You’re going to need some extra funds so that soft top you thought would be a good idea to have but then realized how shitty they are for the environment. Sell that please and tell the person who buys it to sell it too.

Cancer * With all the hard work you’ve put in I promise it will finally all come to fruition. I know it seems so daunting but stay positive and loving for the next few weeks and you’ll see it making sense.

Board of Choice: Finley Model Alaia; stand up or prone, it will be nice to have the options this month.

Leo * I thought about leaving this blank since the stars are on your side this month, Leo. Hang loose and enjoy the no drama and everything going your way feeling in the beginning of this year. Stay tuned for the spring when you’ll need to master that switch stance.

Best board for the cruising: 7’10 Almond Joy

Virgo * Those psychic onshore winds will be a blowing for the next month and making everything seem turbulent and messy. Why not stay productive and connected by going through your quiver and fixing all the dingage you’ve let go during all those sick Autumn swells.

Board to fix first: 5’8 Liddle Burrito

Libra * Deep down in the depths of your mind you already know, Listen to that intuitive voice and make all your decisions based on what you hear on the inside. Your sacred voice is what will keep you afloat.

Best Board for Buoyancy: Grain’s The Drifter

Scorpio * There are many celestial beings out there. It’s possible that you are really feeling that about yourself right now. Have some humility and cut away any ego that might be telling you otherwise.

Best board for the trimming: 7’2 Russ Short Bonzer

Sagittarius * Stop worrying about the dough and start planning that surf trip this month. Winter is coming.

Board for this month: Two Crows Yardstick

Board for your surf adventure: Ashley Lloyd’s Gordon’s Egg